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The circular economy is proposed as a new paradigm for replacing our current, mostly linear economy. In contrast to a ‘take-make-waste’ approach which contributes to global sustainability challenges, the circular economy embraces a philosophy of slowing down consumption, with a final vision to eventually eliminate waste and pollution. In order to achieve this, every societal actor, including individuals, groups, firms, public agencies, NGOs, politicians, journalists and so on need to understand their responsibilities and act on it, as no actor can realise these ambitions by themselves. And for that to happen, education of everyone involved is of high importance. This is true both for those who can make change now, and for those who can make change in the future.

The aim of the SCORE project is to enable teachers to help younger generations understand how they can contribute to change. It does so by offering teaching material which can help to provide an elementary understanding of the main principles of a circular economy, of showing which products, processes and strategies can support this, and to help this younger generation understand their own role and potential contribution to reach this goal.

With this in mind, the SCORE platform provides free access to learning materials which will not only help teachers to select those teaching materials which are suitable for their situation, but also to help them in this selection process, and to guide them how these teaching materials can be used effectively.

The platform provides a library of diverse learning materials, including lectures, inspirational videos, ideas for workshops and excursions, and other activities suitable for in- and out-of-classroom settings. The platform also provides challenges to take on with student classes, which are based on combinations of learning materials from the library. Some of these materials are specifically designed for this platform, but the library also provides links to learning materials developed by others.

All learning materials on the SCORE platform come with an introduction for teachers, to facilitate them in choosing what materials are most suitable for them, keeping in mind relevance for particular school subjects, duration, language and target age group. Several sources already exist for university (college) level teaching, which is why the SCORE library has had specific focus on the secondary school level, meaning school students at the age of 15-24 years old.

Teachers who teach for this age group in four different countries have contributed to test the platform and the teaching materials on it, and the SCORE team would like to thank them for their help in making this platform possible.