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Empowering Educators for Sustainable Futures with SCORE !

Discover SCORE, an innovative and groundbreaking platform, completely open source and available for self-service, dedicated to education. This platform offers teachers a multitude of pedagogical resources to integrate the circular economy into their courses.

With SCORE, teachers have access to « Building Blocks » covering the theoretical phase of the circular economy, including presentations, course materials, educational videos, and interactive quizzes. The « Challenges » then provide opportunities to put this knowledge into practice through concrete projects.

SCORE also provides a unique opportunity for teachers to contribute to the platform by offering their own pedagogical resources. This participatory approach encourages the sharing of best practices and innovative ideas to continuously enrich the platform.

Furthermore, SCORE has a dedicated forum that fosters exchanges among teachers. They can ask questions, share experiences, and debate topics related to the circular economy, creating a dynamic and collaborative learning community.

Take a look at the detailed mock-up of the SCORE project below, which forms the solid basis on which we have developed this project. We used this model as a guide throughout the development process.

Join us on SCORE to integrate the circular economy into your courses, share your knowledge, and together, build a sustainable educational future for generations to come. Let’s collaborate to shape a more circular and responsible world.

How to navigate on the SCORE platform