Focus group

In July, a highly impactful educational event took place in four different countries: France, Spain, Lithuania, and Tunisia. Passionate educators were brought together to participate in Focus Groups, where they had the exclusive opportunity to discover the early stages of the SCORE platform and its content. The main goal of this initiative was to gather extensive feedback from the teachers, who will be the key end-users of this platform.

These Focus Groups brought together teachers from diverse types of schools, including general, vocational, and technical high schools. Moreover, they taught a wide range of subjects, from mathematics and history to woodworking and physics. This diversity of expertise ensured a holistic and balanced approach in evaluating the SCORE project.

Teachers had the chance to navigate the platform and explore the Building Blocks and Challenges that will form the core of SCORE. Through this immersive experience, they could assess the relevance of the proposed content, its adaptability to different school curricula, and its potential to enrich the teaching of the circular economy.

Their contribution was invaluable as these teachers shared their unique perspectives and innovative ideas to enhance the platform and make it even more suitable for the educational community’s needs. Their feedback highlighted essential aspects for improvement and provided insights to develop new features that meet teachers’ expectations.                            

Thanks to this close collaboration with educators, SCORE is making significant progress in its development. The platform will be better equipped to support teachers in their mission to teach the circular economy across various subject areas and types of high schools.

Together, they are paving the way towards a sustainable educational future where the circular economy becomes a tangible reality for future generations.